About Us

Rugby in Wigan can be traced as far back as 1862 when a local solicitor named Henry Ackerley decided to form a rugby club which would play their new pursuit at “Folly Field” off Dicconson Street in the town. Of course, his venture fizzled out in 1863 over a dispute about the ownership of a football.

It was only in 1872 and the Wigan Cricket Club members when we today can get to grips of the popularism of rugby football in the town.

There is over 160 years of rugbyism in our town of Wigan and your membership will help promote and preserve every one of those years via our events, exhibitions, talks, memorabilia, rugby family ancestry etc… 

2022 sees the dawning of a new age in the world of Wigan Warriors and this marks a perfect opportunity for the club to create a legacy that can be enjoyed and remembered for years to come and is the perfect opportunity to create a fan led Wigan RLFC Heritage Society, bringing supporters together to create a reference point for the club’s history.

It’s not only the men’s game that we will be focused on. The women’s game, amateur game and disability game will be key features for the Heritage Society as we look to promote and celebrate the work those organisations do for the players they accommodate and our community that they entertain – us!