Short Term Goals

  • Storage of items – where and insurance
  • Projects – launch initial project for the launch of WRHS
  • Introductory meeting
  • Contact persons who have expressed an initial interest
  • Launch Website and social media pages

Medium Term Goals

  • Introduce Heritage Days for past players and family members to bring item of significance inc medals, shirts, scrapbooks and provide food and drinks for the day
  • Introduce Supporters Collectors Days where fans can bring along heirlooms, memorabilia and other such items to discuss and view in a safe and supportive environment.
  • Continue the wok of the Past Players Association in memory of Barbara Thompson
  • Planned Projects with medium to long term goals
  • Video nights – Past games with players to discuss and show memorabilia for the game

Long Term Goals

  • Create a website with complete online database of games, players, history of the Wigan Club
  • Form partnerships with community groups, dementia groups, schools etc
  • Purchasing of ‘large ticket’ items of historical value
  • Create a self sufficient and established Heritage Group
  • Create regular Newsletter
  • Create displays of Memorabilia both physical and virtual