Projects – Memorabilia

The aim would be to collect and collate The Wigan RLFC Collection and provide support through a ‘Wigan RLFC Collection’ trust through suitable methods such as crowd funding, fundraising and donations with regular meetings taking place for members to sit, discuss, reminisce and view the items in the collection. 

First and foremost, we at WRHS believe that all memorabilia should remain in the hands of family members However, if this isn’t possible, we would like to be in the position to have the chance to preserve this and to held in trust for future generations to enjoy. 

We would aim to purchase top end memorabilia i.e. Championship Medals, Caps and similar “top drawer” items from auction sites via our fundraising  and membership, so items of significant historical value to the Wigan Club stay for the people of Wigan and not lost in private collections. 

We would also create a Memorabilia Amnesty. One of our goals it to simply record what pieces of memorabilia are out there. We’d like to collate, photograph and catalogue these pieces over time and have the opportunity to use the images to highlight the extensive history of this great club.