The Wigan Rugby Heritage Society is being set up to preserve and promote the Heritage of the Wigan Warriors. As a non-profit, members Society, it will remain independent but work in partnership with the club and be recognised as a main source of historical and statistical information and be used as an archive for historic artifacts. 

The Society will actively promote knowledge of the club’s history through regular meetings, exhibitions, special events and be run by volunteers with a passion for preserving the history of Wigan RLFC.

The Society will look to collect and collate ‘The Wigan RLFC Collection’ of historical artifacts through suitable methods such as crowd funding, fundraising and donations with regular meetings taking place for members to sit, discuss, reminisce and view the items in the collection. 

It will help provide assistance to authors, journalists, family historians, supporters pursuing their own projects and preserve the history and create a legacy of the heritage of Wigan RLFC.

The Wigan RLFC society would act in pursuit of the following objectives:

To include the Wigan Womens Rugby League team, PDRL and Wheelchair teams in the research, history and website

To identify, catalogue and preserve material relating to Wigan RLFC and to act as a safe depository for material relating to the Rugby League Club and to accept donations, bequests and otherwise acquire such material which will be kept separate from any private members collections.

To research and record all aspects of the history of the Rugby League club and persons associated to it and to raise interest and awareness of the history of the Wigan Warriors.

We aim to host exhibitions, presentations, talks, video nights, fundraising events, past player recognition, community work, family histories and ancestry records, as well as preserving the grave sites of past players

We are: Archivists, Authors, Collectors, Consultants, Curators, Historians, Amateur Historians, Publishers, Researchers, Statisticians and Supporters….but at the heart, were just interested in the heritage of our Rugby Club.